We need more fun

One of the cool things about nICE mugs is being able to share a drinking glass made entirely out of ice with others.  It’s fun.  When someone shares a nICE mug with someone else, after the first sip, we often get a big, youthful smile. Then, as we take another sip, maybe it’s a thought: “Wow, this […]

nICE mug featured on episode of NPR’s How I Built This Podcast

What a cool thing to be interviewed by the folks at NPR for a recent episode of the popular How I Built This Podcast. “Can you say USA any more clearly than a cold beer in a glass made of ice?” Please scroll to the 27:00 mark to hear Guy Raz tell “a great story” […]

Could fresh water be the best drink to enjoy in a nICE mug?

Since launching nICE mug, I have appreciated hearing from folks about which beverage they most enjoy drinking out of their own nICE mugs.  Enjoying a cold beverage in a glass made out of ice changes the experience, and all for the better! Favorite beverages in a nICE mug?  Beer of course.  And we heard from […]

A hot party along Egypt’s North Coast with Coca-Cola and 3,000 nICE mugs

We were overjoyed to help Coca Cola’s marketing team produced over 3,000 nICE mugs this past summer, helping spread the fun and coolness of drinking Coke from a glass made entirely out of ice. Producing 3,180 clear nICE mugs 8,000 miles from Minneapolis, MN is more than a math assignment.  We trained a production staff […]

Celebrating Iceland Soccer with a nICE cold drinking glass made out of ice

The country of Iceland is going crazy with partying and pride thanks to the soccer team’s performance in Euro 2016, and we are overjoyed to be part of people’s celebrations. Drinking from a glass made entirely out of ice may be a hidden force for Iceland’s soccer success. It’s been rumored that many folks in […]

Three tips for anyone owning a nICE mug kit

an empty nICE mug ice pack drink glass made out of ice

Thanks to a few tips from a few different folks 1) The top down freeze: Clear ice lasts longer! Tips here. 2) The double holder: forget the sponge, collect the melt in the second holder. 3) LED lights: What vodka company wouldn’t want to put there name on nICE?