Thermal shock and awe and how not to crack your nICE mug

We’ve all experienced a hot summer afternoon, grabbing a handful of ice cubes from the freezer, dropping them into a drinking glass, adding a lemonade or coke and *crack* *crack* go the ice cubes. This is thermal shock. Wikipedia: Thermal shock occurs when a thermal gradient causes different parts of an object to expand by […]

Filling the nICE mug mold before freezing

Question: How far up do you fill the molds prior to freezing?  Do you go right to the top or leave some room for expansion? Thanks,  Brad. Answer: Hi Brad: Filling the molds before freezing:  Fill just over half full with water, when you set in the lid/inner mold, it will displace the water pushing it […]

Making clear nICE mugs in a snowbank near you

Awesome tip submitted from Jeff, straight from his snowy backyard in Minnesota: 1) fill your nICE mug mold 2) pack it in a snowbank, up to the top. 3) come back 20 hours later. Frozen solid, crystal clear. It’s exciting how nature continues to show us new and better things:  First it was penicillin from […]