Origins of nICE mug in a Minneapolis backyard sauna after a sub freezing winter’s night.

We use these 5 gallon water jugs outside, to dump cold water over our heads after a sauna round.  Often, there is water left over in the 5 gallon jugs after a sauna session.  If left outside in sub freezing weather, this water will freeze.

How nICE mug was born

Water freezes in a vessel in a very unique way.  As illustrated by Ian, a University of Minnesota Mechanical Engineering student, phase change is subject to an insulation “problem.”  In the case of a water vessel, the outside and base freeze first, and thick.  Yet this phase change (from water to ice) makes it harder for the water in the center to freeze.  Water in the center of a vessel freezes slower thanks to the insulating properties of ice!


Ian illustrating phase change water/ice example

We at nICE mug have spent literally years perfecting and replicating the method of how water phase changes to ice.  We have developed the nICE mug mold to replicate how nature turns water into ice.

Why is this significant?

The iconic shape of a nICE mug allows for nICE mugs to last 30 minutes.  And we need to make our nICE mugs crystal clear, just as nature does.  Tips on how to make clear ice are here.

Spring water nICE mug


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