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A Beer Mug Made Of Ice Is The New Frosty Mug

a nICE mug early adopter digging all his senses.

During a recent visit to a local bar, I was dreaming: “oh, how I wish they had a beer mug made of ice!”  The waitress, instead, brought over the conventional frosty beer glasses to our table along with our pitcher of beer.  I looked around the table and there was a youthful smile of anticipation.

Seeing frosty mugs brings forth child like reactions.  After a long day of hard work or perhaps a round of golf on a hot afternoon, astute bar owners understand that all the senses need to be touched:

  • hear:  the clank of frosty mugs.
  • see: the frost and sweat dripping down the glass.
  • smell: clean, fresh – not dishwasher smell.
  • feel: icy cold to the touch.
  • taste, of course, as the first sip touches a customer’s lips.


If any of the above senses are not being addressed, there is a big chance of failure.  A customer left short changed at a bar may very well never go back to that bar.  Most people have no idea why they pick one watering hole over another.  “Should we go to Barkey’s Bar?” is met with “No, let’s go to Stella’s.”  Then everyone agrees.  Why do they agree?  It’s the subconscious tugging at the group.  Chances are one of the senses at Barkey’s was not fulfilled or did not pass the “Ahhhh” test.

A beer mug made entirely out of ice is a big “ahhhhhhh”.  It satisfies all the senses.


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