Celebrating Iceland Soccer with a nICE cold drinking glass made out of ice

The country of Iceland is going crazy with partying and pride thanks to the soccer team’s performance in Euro 2016, and we are overjoyed to be part of people’s celebrations. Drinking from a glass made entirely out of ice may be a hidden force for Iceland’s soccer success. It’s been rumored that many folks in […]

Three tips for anyone owning a nICE mug kit

an empty nICE mug ice pack drink glass made out of ice

Thanks to a few tips from a few different folks 1) The top down freeze: Clear ice lasts longer! Tips here. 2) The double holder: forget the sponge, collect the melt in the second holder. 3) LED lights: What vodka company wouldn’t want to put there name on nICE?

“The Ice Pack” is an exciting new drink that is “beyond cool”

an empty nICE mug ice pack drink glass made out of ice

Thanks to Steve and Amy, from Western Canada.  “We’ve been enjoying your nICE mugs and want to tell you what we’ve come up with.  We call it The Ice Pack.  After we take our nICE mugs out of the freezer for a couple minutes, we’ll pack nICE mugs with ice.  Then, we make up our […]

nICE mug International Shipping Department has been busy

custom nICE mug holders Sheraton Tel AViv

Beverage companies, hotels, and bars & restaurants have started to recognize how cool it is to serve their own special cocktail in a drinking glass made entirely out of ice.  In this case, check out the Sheraton Hotel Tel Aviv and their own custom nICE mug holders! Today, our shipping department packed up the Sheraton Tel Aviv […]