nICE mug International Shipping Department has been busy

custom nICE mug holders Sheraton Tel AViv

Beverage companies, hotels, and bars & restaurants have started to recognize how cool it is to serve their own special cocktail in a drinking glass made entirely out of ice.  In this case, check out the Sheraton Hotel Tel Aviv and their own custom nICE mug holders! Today, our shipping department packed up the Sheraton Tel Aviv […]

Enjoying nICE mugs between sauna rounds January 2013

From the nICE mug video outtake file. What hasn’t changed: We are all still digging nICE mugs with great enthusiasm. We are all still taking and enjoying saunas. We know that nICE mug is a product to be made and used, over and over. What has changed: The holders and ice (thanks to the top down […]

nICE mug early adopter club welcomes a few new members.

It was a crisp 20 degrees and sunny. It was the last Sunday in December, in Minneapolis, MN.  It was the last game of the year for the Minnesota Vikings football team and thousands were gathered in the parking lot surrounding TCF Stadium. We brought along three dozen nICE mugs. We passed them out.  We got […]

Making ice for Luminary Loppet

Apologies for having to make you wait 30 sec. for this to begin, but it’s nICE. Just a great effort all the way around!

A toast to a nostalgic lake freighter along the shores of Lake Superior.

This nICE mug enthusiast was able to get his hands on a nICE mug kit before its official launch.  While enjoying a nICE mug on the shores of Lake Superior, he happened to spot the SS Arthur M. Anderson the Great Lakes cargo ship famous for being the last ship to be in contact with the SS Edmund Fitzgerald before it sank […]

nICE mug toasts a couple Tough Mudders.

This year’s Tough Mudder event last weekend in Oshkosh Wisconsin was that much more rewarding for these two successful participants thanks to nICE mug.  “The beer not only tasted fantastic” reports Jdub, “but when I was done, I used the remaining nICE mug ice chunk to clean off the mud from my eyes.” nICE mug […]