Confessions of a nICE mug junkie: How nICE mug saved my beer

Here’s a letter from Carl, Denver, CO: “I just picked up Mexican food for the family.  I thought that a beer would taste great with dinner, but I realized that I didn’t have any cold ones in the fridge.  So I cracked a warmish one from the garage, pulled out a nICE mug, added just […]

Making clear nICE mugs in a snowbank near you

Awesome tip submitted from Jeff, straight from his snowy backyard in Minnesota: 1) fill your nICE mug mold 2) pack it in a snowbank, up to the top. 3) come back 20 hours later. Frozen solid, crystal clear. It’s exciting how nature continues to show us new and better things:  First it was penicillin from […]

Organically chilled nICE mugs from Thornton, NH USA

We are now shipping out nICE mug kits. Fitting that Andrew was the first to send me a nICE photo. Andrew is a great friend who I have never met.  A kindred spirit who first came into my life via my website saunatimes.  I virtually helped him with his sauna build shown here, have stayed […]