nICE mug Research and Development Center provides ideal extreme working conditions

Along the shore of Lake Superior in Northern Minnesota, tucked within Balsam trees and anchored into granite bedrock, sits the nICE mug Research and Development Center. This is where many of the technical advancements of nICE mug were developed. For those interested in what makes nICE mugs work (including potential rip off artists from afar): The iconic shape.  The […]

Ice drinking glass still holding after 36 minutes

From the mailbag.  Craig in Portland, OR: “I received my nICE mug kit in the mail a couple weeks ago.” Craig goes on to say: “I’ll admit, I opened the box and filled the molds and put them in the freezer right away.  The ice glasses produced were a bit cloudy.  My wife and I […]

Using the new retail box to make crystal clear nICE mugs

Innovation is often a slippery effort. nICE mug is no exception.  The life of a nICE mug is directly related to the ability to make clear nICE mugs.  Clear ice lasts longer.  Making nICE mugs without air bubbles ensures over 20 minutes of nICE cold drinking. Experiencing crystal clear Minnesota lake ice has taught me […]

Organically chilled nICE mugs from Thornton, NH USA

We are now shipping out nICE mug kits. Fitting that Andrew was the first to send me a nICE photo. Andrew is a great friend who I have never met.  A kindred spirit who first came into my life via my website saunatimes.  I virtually helped him with his sauna build shown here, have stayed […]

Some garages hold cars

The nICE mug founder’s garage holds nICE mugs.  And 6 freezers. Yea, it’s just a drinking glass made out of ice, but we are on the cusp of something really really nICE. Over 600 early adopters have entrusted nICE mug, by pledging money to receive their own kit so they can make their own nICE […]

How I learned to stop worrying and understand that clear ice is the bomb

How do I make long lasting nICE mugs?   Clear ice nICE mugs last longer. Clear ice is harder and melts slower. Clear ice has no air bubbles. So, how do I make clear nICE mugs? Double boil water:  yea, this kind of works. Use filtered water and or distilled water:  yea, this kind of […]

nICE problems exist and solutions are found at Home Depot

How do you get a bunch of nICE mugs in a chest freezer?  Forget the idea of trying to find cafeteria trays that fit the chest freezer.  Days before a big event, desperate for a solution, off to Home Depot I go.  DIY is the only answer.  Shelves to hold nICE mugs that neatly fit […]

Stockpiling nICE mugs is just another word for nothing left to lose.

a nICE mug kit produces drinking glasses made entirely out of ice.  The nICE thing about a nICE mug kit is that you can keep making nICE mugs over and over, stockpiling your nICE mugs, building inventory for your next party. The nICE mug kit contains two reusable molds and four reusable holds.  how nICE […]