How long does a drinking glass made out of ice last?

I took six random nICE mugs from my test freezer.  I knew one right away was a substandard nICE mug- a big air bubble – but in the spirit of science, I filled it anyway. What makes for a long life nICE mug? minimal air bubbles.  So here was the test: 6 nICE mugs. 76 […]

The nICE tank shirts are here

So, earlier today,  UPS delivered a small box with a sampling of our new nICE tanks and Tee shirts!  Needless to say, this was cause for a small nICE party with my friend Deb.  We discovered that white wine and Sangria goes well in a nICE mug. It is hot here in Philly and we […]

What’s up with the nICE mug shape?

The Patent Pending nICE Mug mold has been tested and refined over the course of many years, and many cold Minnesota winter nights. “Nature freezes in a unique way” says Glenn Auerbach, founder of nICE Mug.  The nICE Mug mold replicates exactly how water freezes in a jug of water: Thicker at the bottom. Curved […]

The Double Freeze Discovery

nICE mug prototype mold tests are in process at the shores of Lake Vermilion in Northern Minnesota this weekend.  We use an intuitive—some would say innovative—freezing process called “The Double Freeze” for stronger mugs with long life cycles. “It came about by accident, really” says Grant, son of founder Glenn Auerbach.  “I took out a freshly […]

A broken nICE mug is just another word for nothing left to lose.

      This nICE mug met with an untimely demise. Left to its own fate in our upstairs freezer, one of our teenage sons broke this nICE mug whilst on a hasty mission for pizza rolls.  Sad?  Yes.  Replaceable?  Completely.  nICE mug is a sustainable product.  Once you purchase our special mold, you can […]

nICE mug mold delivered and in testing

Part of the aesthetic and functionality of nICE mug is its mold design.  Nature freezes a jug of water from the outside in.  The nICE mug mold replicates the pattern and shape of how nature freezes water.  Thicker on the bottom, thinner on the sides. This mold is the exact replication of how nature freezes […]