Which one of these two ice glasses will last 30 minutes without leaking?

To the average enthusiast who enjoys drinking out of a glass made entirely out of ice, the differences may not seem huge.  But to a mad scientist who has been making nICE mugs for over 8 years now, the answer is easy, and critically important. One of these nICE mugs is crystal clear.  What little […]

“The Ice Pack” is an exciting new drink that is “beyond cool”

an empty nICE mug ice pack drink glass made out of ice

Thanks to Steve and Amy, from Western Canada.  “We’ve been enjoying your nICE mugs and want to tell you what we’ve come up with.  We call it The Ice Pack.  After we take our nICE mugs out of the freezer for a couple minutes, we’ll pack nICE mugs with ice.  Then, we make up our […]

Hot tip: Add ice to your nICE mug for super long lasting cocktail

Thanks to Chris and Bonnie in Bellview, WA: “We love vodka, soda, cranberry. We mix up a batch with fresh lime and soda water and pour it in our nICE mugs with ice.  And our nICE mugs last over three drinks, then I just put soda water in after and they keep going.  No leaks. […]

Mark a fill line on your base mold for a perfect nICE mug every time.

Thanks to Sheila in Des Moines: “We’ve been making nICE mugs from our Party Kit for about a week now.” Sheila goes on to say: “Our nICE mugs have been getting better and better.  We put a line with a permanent marker on the base mold.  3 1/8″ from the bottom. Makes it easier to […]

nICE mugs fresh out of the freezer want to sit for a couple minutes.

100% of ice cubes fresh out of the freezer will probably crack when adding iced tea or any beverage.  This same percentage applies to a nICE mug fresh out of the freezer. Simple solution to keep your nICE mugs from cracking: Allow a nICE mug fresh out of the freezer to “set up” at room […]

nICE mug drinking tip: half a beer at a time.

Great tip from Stephen in St. Paul, MN: “I get twice the life out of my nICE mugs by adding only half a beer at a time, finishing it, then adding the other half.  My beer stays extra cold this way and the walls of my nICE mugs stay extra thick. Even though I make […]

Insulating sides and base of nICE mug molds make clear ice

One need not go this crazy.  All of these tips work great: A wool sock a beanie cap some bubble wrap. From our successful Kickstarter campaign fall 2013:  “I am really excited to get user feedback on how to best make long lasting nICE mugs. With a bunch of folks making nICE mugs, I am […]