The base mold bulge: what it is and why it’s a good thing

We have a “clear” understanding why insulating the sides and base of a nICE mug mold makes clear ice.  Forcing a top down freeze in your nICE mug mold creates downward pressure.  Thanks to the elastic strength of your nICE mug base mold, this powerful downward pressure bulges the bottom of your mold – but […]

Thermal shock and awe and how not to crack your nICE mug

We’ve all experienced a hot summer afternoon, grabbing a handful of ice cubes from the freezer, dropping them into a drinking glass, adding a lemonade or coke and *crack* *crack* go the ice cubes. This is thermal shock. Wikipedia: Thermal shock occurs when a thermal gradient causes different parts of an object to expand by […]

Filling the nICE mug mold before freezing

Question: How far up do you fill the molds prior to freezing?  Do you go right to the top or leave some room for expansion? Thanks,  Brad. Answer: Hi Brad: Filling the molds before freezing:  Fill just over half full with water, when you set in the lid/inner mold, it will displace the water pushing it […]

Making clear nICE mugs in a snowbank near you

Awesome tip submitted from Jeff, straight from his snowy backyard in Minnesota: 1) fill your nICE mug mold 2) pack it in a snowbank, up to the top. 3) come back 20 hours later. Frozen solid, crystal clear. It’s exciting how nature continues to show us new and better things:  First it was penicillin from […]