This business is for sale. Looking for a nICE person to take this exciting product to the next level. No cold calling.

Ragnar fierce like ice

Celebrating Iceland Soccer with a nICE cold drinking glass made out of ice

The country of Iceland is going crazy with partying and pride thanks to the soccer team’s performance in Euro 2016, and we are overjoyed to be part of people’s celebrations. Drinking from a glass made entirely out of ice may be a hidden force for Iceland’s soccer success. It’s been rumored that many folks in England don’t use ice in their Gin & Tonics.  And France?  Well, we won’t get too cheesy about it.  We are sending nICE mug party kits to Iceland!  Congratulations!!

iceland nICERagnar Sigurdsson: “‘We do not back down for anyone”:

Ragnar fierce like ice




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