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Confessions of a nICE mug junkie: How nICE mug saved my beer

IMG_2345Here’s a letter from Carl, Denver, CO:

“I just picked up Mexican food for the family.  I thought that a beer would taste great with dinner, but I realized that I didn’t have any cold ones in the fridge.  So I cracked a warmish one from the garage, pulled out a nICE mug, added just a bit of my beer and swirled it around (I read about thermal shock) and then filled up my nICE mug and had the most wonderfully chilled beer with dinner!  Serious, it was about the best beer i’ve ever had.

Here’s the great part:  after my beer was done, I looked at my nICE mug and it seemed like it barely melted.  It gave off the coolest immediate chill, but barely melted.

I returned my nICE mug to the fridge, and in a little bit, i’m going to crack another.  You guys are awesome, thanks nICE mug!!”



  • Awwww, thermal shock cracks the nice mugs. Our sauna stove has nice new elements, new granite rocks (the size of golf balls), and is freshly cleaned. We are going to have our first sauna in a long time due to repairs needed on the stove. I have tried the Nice mugs but they have always cracked on us, and the beer dropped out before we can drink the ice cold beverage. For our long awaited sauna, I am going to take two brews out of the fridge and pour a little beer in, swirl it around before pouring the rest of the beer in. Thanks

    • Yes, Susan! Many of us are finding good results by taking nICE mugs out of the freezer and letting them “set up” in the changing room at room temperature for a round. Then when, we emerge from the hot sauna, after a cold plunge or outdoor shower, our nICE mugs are “wet” on the outside and ready for cold beer!

      Thanks! g.


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