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Spring water nICE mug

Could fresh water be the best drink to enjoy in a nICE mug?

Since launching nICE mug, I have appreciated hearing from folks about which beverage they most enjoy drinking out of their own nICE mugs.  Enjoying a cold beverage in a glass made out of ice changes the experience, and all for the better!

Favorite beverages in a nICE mug?  Beer of course.  And we heard from Steve and Amy from Canada, sharing their vodka cranberry recipe called the “ice pack” here.

Yet it’s not always about booze.

We’ve heard from a nICE mug fan who put on a memorably fun nICE mug root beer birthday party.  Over 3,000 people enjoyed their Coke in a nICE mug.  And here is my wife, a professional photographer, who topped off this nICE mug with some refreshingly hydrating spring water.  Check out how thin the walls are on this 25 minute old nICE mug.  This is what you get from making nICE mugs thanks to the “top down freeze.”

Spring water nICE mug
Spring water nICE mug

nICE mug isn’t going to change the world, but:

  • nICE mug is a celebration of nature.
  • nICE mug is art.
  • nICE mug is fun.

One Comment

  • We like nICE mug during and after a session in the jacuzzi, sort of blending Minnesota innovation with SoCal relaxation.


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