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Drinking from of a glass made entirely out of ice helps with the endorphin rush

It is -20 degrees F. in Minneapolis. The backyard wood burning sauna was fired up. Guests arrived and the sauna party began. We enjoyed a good long hot round, then exited the sauna to dump cold water over our heads.

“How about a nICE mug?” Somebody asked.

“Of course!”

As the endorphins were rushing, we were each handed a fresh cold beer in our drinking glasses made entirely out of ice.

“What a gift! Thanks Man!”

Our own nICE mugs on a winter’s night.

The crisp cool air bristled across our bodies warm from sauna.

“Wow, do I feel great! Cheers!”

Cheers to ice, with nICE mug.

Not sure if either of us have ever tasted a better beer than at this moment, outside our backyard wood burning sauna, Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 29, 2019. 20 degrees f. below zero!

Friendship, kinship, and the sharing of something cool.

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