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Filling The Nice Mug Mold Before Freezing


How far up do you fill the molds prior to freezing?  Do you go right to the top or leave some room for expansion?

Thanks,  Brad.


Hi Brad:

Filling the molds before freezing:  Fill just over half full with water, when you set in the lid/inner mold, it will displace the water pushing it up to about 1″ from the very top.  I like a little shorter fill, about 2″ from the top for a nICE cocktail glass.
Oh, and for clear ice: folks are getting clear nICE mugs by insulating the sides and bottom of nICE mug molds: wool sock, beanie, bubble wrap, and packing the mold in a snow bank.  The top down freeze.  Please send a pic as you evolve,

Stay thirsty my friend,

Russell Reserve Bourbon

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