This business is for sale. Looking for a nICE person to take this exciting product to the next level. No cold calling.


Homebrewers love making beer and love making ice beer glasses

A nICE mug kit is much like a home brew kit.  The user opens the brown box and it’s all there for their creative discovery.  But a nICE mug Bonus Kit that makes drinking glasses out of ice is different from a brew kit that makes beer.  Once you own a nICE mug kit, you can make nICE mugs over and over.  No need to buy more stuff.

In this spirit, from the mailbag, here’s Mark from Vermont:

Enter Mark:

“Hi nICE mug.  Me and my buddies have been home brewing for a couple years now.  We have an awesome set up in my garage and get together to brew beer and tip a beer too.  We discovered your nICE mug from the show I Want That and so I bought a kit.  Then one of my brew friends bought a kit.  Then we put a freezer in my garage.  Then another friend bought a kit.  Now we can make 8 nICE mugs at a time.  The first thing we do when we get together to make beer is to make a batch of nICE mugs.  We used to have competitions of who can make the longest lasting nICE mugs, but now we just make them.  (You’re right on about insulating the sides and base of the molds when you put them in the freezer.  Wow!).

Anyhow, we are having great parties and we love our nICE mugs.  Can’t wait for ICE hockey season.


(photo not of Mark’s garage, but you get the idea…)


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