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Crystal clear nICE mug

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Understand That Clear Ice Is The Bomb

How do I make long lasting nICE mugs?


Clear ice nICE mugs last longer.

  1. Clear ice is harder and melts slower.
  2. Clear ice has no air bubbles.

So, how do I make clear nICE mugs?

  1. Double boil water:  yea, this kind of works.
  2. Use filtered water and or distilled water:  yea, this kind of works.
  3. Use a water pump to circulate water, like ice sculpture companies do.  No, we’re not gonna do that.

These three methods are a pain in the ass, isn’t there a better way?


The best way to make clear nICE mugs is to force a top down freeze.

How do you force a top down freeze?

  1. fill your nICE mug mold with any kind of water.
  2. Insulate the sides and bottom of your nICE mug mold using a piece of bubble wrap or packing insulation.
  3. freeze overnight.
  4. pop out your nICE mug mold, after letting it warm up for a couple minutes.

The top down freeze is akin to skating on a naturally frozen lake in Northern Minnesota.

  1. water freezes in clear layers.
  2. air bubbles and impurities are forced down, out of the way, into the base of the nICE mug.
  3. Dense, hard clear ice presents itself as art.   Something beautiful to look at as you skate or enjoy your favorite beverage!

nICE mug:  a drinking glass made out of ice.

a clear nICE mug
A clear nICE mug, with air bubbles safely stowed in their upright and locked position inside the base of the nICE mug, thanks to the virtues of the top down freeze.


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