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How Do I Make My Own nICE Mug?

First, get a hold of our reusable nICE Mug kit. Then,


Fill your outer mold a little past half way full with water


Attach top mold and freeze for 6-8 hours


After waiting a couple minutes to warm the outside of the mold, pop out nICE Mug from mold and place it into your nICE holder


Pour in your favorite beverage and enjoy!

Instructional Video

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is nICE Mug Safe?

Yes, the nICE mug mold and nICE hold are food grade plastic. Your lips won't freeze to the nICE mug because the outside will be wet to the touch, not sticky like the flagpole in the movie "A Christmas Story."

What do I put in my nICE mug?

Lots of folks like beer in their nICE mugs. There is a sect of early adopter tribesmen enjoying prototype nICE mugs with Vodka Pomegranat, freshly grated ginger, and two wedges of lime.

How Long Do nICE Mugs Last?

5 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on how well your water freezes and the environment you're in.

Do nICE Mugs Leak?

Eventually, yes. But you should be able to enjoy a beverage or two until it does.

What do I do if my nICE mug gets a leak?

Spring a leak? Drink fast!