This business is for sale. Looking for a nICE person to take this exciting product to the next level. No cold calling.

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Knowing how to ship a nICE mug kit is a job for a home business shipping professional.

photo (13)photo (14)Brian, a close friend of mine, is a Seth Godin poster child.  Brian ships.  Sure I caught him this morning with his lizard brain in tact, sipping his morning coffee in shorts and bare feet in his kitchen.  But then I presented him my dilemma.  “How can I reasonably ship ICE mug kits so they can get in the hands of fans all over, without costing a fortune?”

Everything changed when we went out to his garage office.  He took a phone call, backing a customer off the cliff of uncertainty, then turned to his neatly stacked inventory of products on the shelf.

We began testing a few different boxes, weighing and figuring out options.  “I can only imagine how awful it’d be to try to do this at the Post Office.”

Good news:  We found the way to ship you a nICE mug home kit at a reasonable price!

Thanks goes to Brian and his company Boundary Waters beauty products.  Now is time to join Brian and his wonderful wife and shipping director Julie in their backyard for a nICE mug – A beer glass made out of ice.

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