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Like making our own beer, homebrewers are also enjoying making our own drinking glasses out of ice

Homebrewers all over are finding the nICE mug DIY kit to be a really fun add-on to sharing their home made craft beers.

“Instead of a regular beer glass, My grapefruit Hefewiesen really pops when I serve it in a nICE mug” explains Mike Rolando, Two Harbors, MN.  “The holder system is really cool.  I love how my beer looks as it shines through the ice.”

Besides fruit beers, we’ve heard from homebrewers that are serving other styles in their nICE mugs.  Brian from San Diego: “I don’t brew from scratch.  I always go with kits.  I’m finding that lots of my beers go great in a nICE mug.  I still have some Honey Weisen, and I just bottled this awesome Cream Ale.  We always have a bunch of nICE mugs ready to go in our freezer.  With these two beers, I pretty much only serve these in nICE mugs now.  They are awesome.  There’s something about how the ice interacts with the beer that is just totally unique and refreshing.”

Try nICE mug today!  Use coupon code “brew” for 10% off your entire purchase.  Limited time.

*PLUS* Free shipping.  And *FREE* LED illuminator so you can see your beer shine through the ice as you drink it.

Bonus kit is our most popular seller.  Order it here with coupon code “brew” or you can get it on Amazon.


American Birkebeiner, WI, USA
American Birkebeiner, WI, USA

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    • Valente: Will be happy to send you some replacement cups. Please email me, let me know how many cups you need. We’ll send you the dual holder set up and won’t rip you off. $0.50 each.


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