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a nICE mug drinking glass made out of ice cocktail with ice in glass

Marketplace Article Tells Us “Why Clear Ice is Becoming a Cocktail Standard”

A July 22, 2019 article in : ‘Why Clear ice is Becoming a Cocktail Standard.”

Sasa Woodruff recently wrote about the increasingly popular movement towards clear ice in cocktails. Sasa references and quotes from University of Wisconsin graduate and cocktail author Jim Meehan. According to the article, Meehan discusses how important it is that ice in cocktails has transformed from being utilitarian to crystal clear.

“It makes a dramatic difference in the drinks,” Meehan said. “One of the things I’ve always said to bartenders, and anyone who would really listen, is that we taste with our eyes first.”

– Jim Meehan, from article on clear ice.

The article also quotes Cocktail enthusiast and writer, Camper English of the Alcademics website. English is a kindred spirit to we nICE mug enthusiasts who love making clear ice glasses. According the article author, Sasa Woodruf, Camper English “has run numerous experiments on making clear ice at home. He says the ice needs to be frozen “directionally.””

Hallelujah!! English is a kindred spirit who understands the top down freeze!

“In a typical ice cube, because your freezer is cold on all sides of that container, all the sides of the ice cube are freezing, and it pushes the trapped air and impurities in towards the center away from the point of freezing,”

Camper English, from article on clear ice.

We also hear from fellow clear ice DIY enthusiast Tony Gonzalez, head bartender of District, a bar in downtown Los Angeles who is training bartenders on how to make their own clear ice for use in cocktails in trend forward (and expensive) Southern California.

“If you’re going to spend anywhere from $12 to $16 to $25 on a cocktail, you want it to be like a Cadillac of a cocktail, right?” 

Tony Gonzales, from article on clear ice.

Clear ice isn’t just for outdoor ice skating enthusiasts any more.

Clear ice lasts longer and looks beautiful. In Finland, clear ice is called “steel ice” because of its strength. We nICE mug enthusiasts understand that clear nICE mugs last a long time. No air bubbles mean no leaks and added “wow” and beauty. Especially with the LED clear ice illuminator! (included in every nICE mug kit).

Are we ready for a cool bar and restaurant to serve a signature cocktail in a glass made entirely out of ice?

We are ready!

a nICE mug drinking glass made out of ice cocktail with ice in glass
a 30 minute old nICE mug cocktail.

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