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Some Garages Hold Cars

The nICE mug founder’s garage holds nICE mugs.  And 6 freezers. Yea, it’s just a drinking glass made out of ice, but we are on the cusp of something really

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nICE mug toasts a couple Tough Mudders.

This year’s Tough Mudder event last weekend in Oshkosh Wisconsin was that much more rewarding for these two successful participants thanks to nICE mug.  “The beer not only tasted fantastic”

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All In!

We’re all in folks! Campaign update from the mad nICE scientist himself:

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nICE mug Needs You!

Big news everyone: our Kickstarter campaign was approved today! We’re using Kickstarter to crowdsource enough funds to start shipping nICE mugs around the world! Please click here to support our

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