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Christmas time.

nICE mug got “the kids looking up from their cell phones” during this family gift exchange.

From the mailbag:  Chuck in Minneapolis, MN.

“Every year our family gets together around Christmas and we do a fun gift exchange.”

Chuck goes on to say:

“The rules are simple:  you come up with a gift.  Some are nicer than others, some are funny.  Less than $30.00.  Everyone tries to outdo the other in terms of coolest and fun. There’s a little competition and bragging rights to it.  We have 16 of us every year who exchange the gifts.

This year I brought along the nICE mug kit.

The nICE mug Starter Kit.
The nICE mug Starter Kit.
It was a hit amongst the younger demographic of the group.  The younger kids who look up from their cell phones only occasionally, took notice.  “where can i get more of these!”   “We want to order some!”  The way the gag gift works is that you can steal from someone else’s opened gift, or choose from the pile of unopened gifts.

nICE mug was “stolen” more than any other gift from the group.

nICE mug was a huge hit.”
nICE mug by the Christmas tree


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