This business is for sale. Looking for a nICE person to take this exciting product to the next level. No cold calling.

an empty nICE mug ice pack drink glass made out of ice

Nice Mug Holder Innovation Captures The Ice Melt And Makes It Look Even Cooler

People have been offering suggestions and ideas for making nICE mug even better.  And recently it took the wife of the nICE mug founder to come up with this adaptation:

  1. Cut a small hole in the bottom of a nICE mug holder by piercing it with a knife or scissors.
  2. Set your nICE mug and holder inside another holder, like a 15 oz. deli cup.

The new holder captures the melt.

The dual holder also acts as an extra insulate-ive barrier.

An LED light can be inserted into the new holder to help radiate the glow and accentuate the ice.

I think it’s time for a vodka partner.  Especially now that people in North America have discovered the Ice Pack cocktail.

an empty nICE mug ice pack drink glass made out of ice

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