This business is for sale. Looking for a nICE person to take this exciting product to the next level. No cold calling.

nICE mug International Shipping Department has been busy

Beverage companies, hotels, and bars & restaurants have started to recognize how cool it is to serve their own special cocktail in a drinking glass made entirely out of ice.  In this case, check out the Sheraton Hotel Tel Aviv and their own custom nICE mug holders!

custom nICE mug holders Sheraton Tel AViv

Today, our shipping department packed up the Sheraton Tel Aviv order then celebrated another commercial bulk order with a nICE cold Fulton microbrew.  Cheers to Israel and the Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel!

nICE mug shipment to Sheraton Tel Aviv

The Sheraton Tel Aviv plans to promote their beverage service in their pool area with one very cool idea:  nICE mug cocktails, pool side.  No glass to worry about.  When hotel guests are done with their drink, well, they should be able to fill up and have another!  But the shipping department is thinking about all kinds of fun uses for a used ice glass, poolside.  Whooooee!!

Sheraton Tel Aviv Swimming pool ice glasses nICE mug

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