This business is for sale. Looking for a nICE person to take this exciting product to the next level. No cold calling.

A celebration of nature.

nICE mug is art. Every batch is different and the doing is as much fun as the drinking.

From the mailbag.  Email received 2/23/15:

A celebration of nature.
A celebration of nature.

I received your nICE mug kit as a Christmas gift

and I just wanted to tell you what a blast it’s been making nICE mugs on my own and now getting my 12 year old daughter involved.

The first few times, my nICE mugs were cloudy.  I didn’t get it.  I had an air leak after 5 minutes on one and then I re read more of the information on the website and dove right back into it.

Now I get what you’re talking about!

Our nICE mugs are beautiful.  I have perfected making super clear, nICE mugs that look just like glass.  And you’re right, clear nICE mugs last longer.  My daughter is making a bunch of them for her birthday party.  We have had good luck filling a gallon bucket with water, letting it sit overnight, and using that water to fill the molds.  It seems to get rid of air bubbles during freezing.  And we insulate the molds with wool socks, that seems to do the top down freezing great.

We just love making them.

I’m buying another kit today for my brother.  He likes making his own beer, and in a way, making nICE mugs is like making beer.  It is art.  Every batch is different and the doing is as much fun as the drinking.

And one more thing, can I buy just the holders?



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