This business is for sale. Looking for a nICE person to take this exciting product to the next level. No cold calling.

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nICE mug making weather for sustainable production

photo (1)We’ve treaded lightly regarding the “green” nature of nICE mugs.

Water that you freeze that becomes the container?  Wow: zero packaging and zero waste.  No polystyrene in the land fill after a nICE party.  The holders and molds:  yea, they’re plastic, but hey, they’re completely reusable.  We know this.  A nICE mug fan is typically the same type of person who washes out and keeps their Chinese food deli cups.

But doesn’t it take energy to freeze my nICE mugs?

If you live in the nICE mug making belt… does it?

A guy walks into a bar , sub zero windchill and his teeth chattering:

Bartender:  “what’ya have?”

“I dunno…ssssomething susss- ssstainable”.

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