This business is for sale. Looking for a nICE person to take this exciting product to the next level. No cold calling.

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nICE mugs are clear and green at the same time

Here’s our greenwashing view from the freezer:

1.  Using nICE mugs as primary cold drinking vessel reduces dishwashing liquid consumption by .23 gallons per year.*  Plus, no more landfill laden red polystyrene cups.

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2.  Making nICE mugs in the freezer may use a little more energy, but the enjoyment factor of drinking your favorite cold beverage from a glass made of ice increases 58% compared with drinking glass with a gold rim around the top.



3.  Packing nICE mug kits require the bare minimum of packaging.  Plus, every component of the nICE mug kit is completely reusable, allowing users to make nICE mugs over and over.  And over.

The nICE mug Starter Kit.
The nICE mug Starter Kit.

4.  Shipping nICE mug kits to ice glass enthusiasts means we use the least amount of fossil fuels mandated by the Free Range Bike Delivery Act of 2015.

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Three cheers to bullshit free ice glass drinking!

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