This business is for sale. Looking for a nICE person to take this exciting product to the next level. No cold calling.


Organically Chilled Nice Mugs From Thornton, NH USA

First batch of the autographed series #37 nIce mug set. Organically chilled in Thornton New Hampshire!

We are now shipping out nICE mug kits.

Fitting that Andrew was the first to send me a nICE photo.

Andrew is a great friend who I have never met.  A kindred spirit who first came into my life via my website saunatimes.  I virtually helped him with his sauna build shown here, have stayed in touch, and now this wonderfully warm photo of his New Hampshire nICE mugs.

When organically freezing nICE mugs (outside) put them on wood, not cement.

Andrew, a fellow wood burning sauna enthusiast, understands about using nature, thermal mass, cooling, and heat transfer.  Note how these nICE mugs are sitting on a wood deck, not cement.  The heat from the water cooling in nICE mug molds gets transferred down into the wood.  The wood underneath the nICE mug molds now becomes an insulator.  This helps create a top down freeze.  Top down freeze means no air bubbles, which means no breaching and long lasting nICE mugs.

Better: insulate the sides and base of your nICE mug mold.

This forces top down freeze: no air bubbles, crystal clear nICE mugs.

Lots of science behind all this.

Don’t mean to confuse, just engage.

MORE PHILOSOPHY:  Do you have any great friends you’ve never met?  This Jimmy Cliff song – with the 1980s MTV logo – may help trigger the thinking.



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