nICE mug Man Cave Kit


The Man Cave Kit consists of:

  • 1 – 7 Cubic Foot GE Freezer.
  • 15 – Reusable nICE mug molds.
  • 4 – Custom trays to “cube out” your freezer.  Each tray holds 15 nICE mugs.
  • 60 – nICE mug holders, including sponges to help absorb melt.
  • 2 – Large nICE mug T shirts.

Keep a rotating stock of nICE mugs on hand ALL the time!

Make a tray of nICE mugs, 15 at a time.  Stockpile and build your own inventory of nICE mugs.  Man Cave trays fit perfectly in freezer, 15 per row, 60 total.  Just the right amount for a kick ass nICE mug party!  Nobody goes home until the last nICE mug is gone and nobody is left standing.

Have a basement, garage or hang out space begging for a good supply of nICE mugs?  Here’s the perfect complement to your man cave!

The nICE mug Man Cave Kit is ideal for bars, restaurants, ski resorts, saunas, lawyer offices, banks, retirement homes, or for anyone with a man cave.


The nICE mug Man Cave Freezer. GE 7 Cubic Foot standard freezer with nICE mug magnet.

Man Cave Tray Prototype: heavy duty ones are in production.

Man Cave Tray Prototype: heavy duty ones are in production. Please stay tuned or send me an email,








  1. Glenn

    I’ve been using my man cave kit prototype for one year now. I love the feeling of reaching in the freezer and pulling out a fresh nICE mug knowing there’s more where that came from.

    When I get to my last row of nICE mugs, I start making more nICE mugs, 15 at a time. I love making nICE mugs. It’s easy and fun.

    I love growlers and nICE mugs. I never have any empty cans and bottles to throw away!

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