nICE mug Bonus Kit

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The nICE mug bonus kit includes two molds and two enhanced holders.

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*PLUS*  Free LED Clear Ice Illuminator!  (Limited time only.  And as a potential extra bonus, we may just add a second LED light into your kit if you order right now, because we want to share with you and your friends how illuminating nICE mugs are so darn beautiful).


The nICE mug Bonus Kit includes two molds and two enhanced holders.

Each nICE mug mold is made up of a base mold and a lid mold.   The lid mold snaps into the base mold displacing the water in the mold to form the shape for your nICE mug.

Each nICE mug holder is made up of two different plastic holders, one nests the ice glass with a small hole to release water into the second plastic holder, which creates a chamber to collect the ice melt.

The nICE mug bonus kit is all you need to start making and stockpiling your own nICE mugs.  Two at a time!



An ice glass in the snow.

Allows you to make these drinking glasses made out of ice.


nICE A shot