nICE Mug Bonus Kit

$30.00 $25.00

  • Two molds
  • Two holders
  • LED Clear Ice Illuminators
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Simple instructions show you how to use the retail box as an insulator so you can make and enjoy crystal clear nICE mugs every time. Our How nICE Mug Works page also gives the rundown on how to properly make a nICE Mug.

Each nICE Mug Mold is made up of a base mold and a lid mold.   The lid mold snaps into the base mold displacing the water in the mold to form the shape for your nICE mug.

Each nICE Mug Holder is made up of two different plastic holders, one nests the ice glass with a small hole to release water into the second plastic holder, which creates a chamber to collect the ice melt.