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nICE Mug Retail Kit Pack


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Each Pack Includes 10 nICE Mug Retail Kits.

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Each nICE Mug Retail Kit Includes

  • One Mold
  • One Holder
  • LED Clear Ice Illuminator

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Unique Drinking Experience

nICE Mug provides a unique, eco-friendly way to keep your beer, cocktail, or glass of water ice cold. Whether it’s a big game, big event, or boys night, nICE Mug is the perfect addition. Draw eyeballs with the coolest drinking vessel around and have everybody asking, “what’s that?!” Well, it’s a mug made entirely out of ice!

Memorable Gifts

nICE Mug Retail Kits make memorable gifts for clients or employees. Available in larger bulk orders, nICE Mug Retail Kits are excellent items for any liquor, camping, and sporting goods store to carry. Go with nICE Mug branding, or learn how to get your own custom-branded nICE Mug Retail Kits for resale.

Making a nICE Mug

Our How nICE Mug Works page gives the rundown on how to properly make a nICE Mug. Each nICE Mug mold is made up of a base mold and a lid mold. The lid mold snaps into the base mold displacing the water in the mold to form the shape for your nICE mug. Each nICE Mug Holder is made up of two different plastic holders, one nests the ice glass with a small hole to release water into the second plastic holder, which creates a chamber to collect the ice melt.

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