This business is for sale. Looking for a nICE person to take this exciting product to the next level. No cold calling.

nICE mug stockpiling in the freezer

Stockpiling Nice Mugs Is Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose.

nICE mug stockpiling in the freezer
Stockpliling nICE mugs in a home freezer.

a nICE mug kit produces drinking glasses made entirely out of ice.  The nICE thing about a nICE mug kit is that you can keep making nICE mugs over and over, stockpiling your nICE mugs, building inventory for your next party.

The nICE mug kit contains two reusable molds and four reusable holds.  how nICE is it to have a product that you can use over and over and over?

TIP:  when taking nICE mugs out of your freezer, let them set up at room temperature for a couple minutes before pouring in your favorite beverage.  This keeps your nICE mugs from cracking with excitement.

BONUS:  making room in your freezer for an inventory of nICE mugs is a fun way to celebrate nature, nonconformity, and fun.  Some think a beer glass with a gold rim is unique.  We think a drinking glass made out of ice is REALLY unique!




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