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The Base Mold Bulge: What It Is And Why It’s A Good Thing

photo (58)We have a “clear” understanding why insulating the sides and base of a nICE mug mold makes clear ice.  Forcing a top down freeze in your nICE mug mold creates downward pressure.  Thanks to the elastic strength of your nICE mug base mold, this powerful downward pressure bulges the bottom of your mold – but it doesn’t crack!  The guy was right in “The Graduate” – Plastics!

When the bottom of your nICE mug mold bulges, chances are you are making clear nICE mugs.  After releasing your nICE mug from the mold, push the bottom of your mold back into place and you’re ready to make another nICE mug.

Oh, why is clear ice so important?  Clear ice lasts longer.  Clear ice means no air bubbles and no leaks.  This is the secret.  Now that you have this down, avoid thermal shock and you’re in business.

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