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nICE mugs benefitting from the "Double Freeze" ready for action in a house freezer.

The Double Freeze Discovery

nICE mugs benefitting from the “Double Freeze” ready for action in a house freezer.

nICE mug prototype mold tests are in process at the shores of Lake Vermilion in Northern Minnesota this weekend.  We use an intuitive—some would say innovative—freezing process called “The Double Freeze” for stronger mugs with long life cycles.

“It came about by accident, really” says Grant, son of founder Glenn Auerbach.  “I took out a freshly frozen nICE mug from the mold and noticed the bottom was really cloudy, with air pockets.  Instead of pouring a drink in the nICE mug and hoping for the best, I decided to put the nICE mug back in the mold and add some water up to the top of the mold, and refreeze it.”

As ice hockey referees well know, repairing a bad spot on the ice rink is as easy as a little snow, a squirt from a water bottle, and a hockey puck to smooth the surface.  Long lasting nICE mugs can benefit from a similar process.  The Double Freeze allows for water to seep into air pockets and crevices in your nICE mug, refreezing into a solid mass.

Check out this still functioning yet barely recognizable nICE mug after 30 minutes of use and two beers by the breezy shores of Lake Vermilion on a warm 4th of July evening:


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