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an empty nICE mug ice pack drink glass made out of ice

“The Ice Pack” Is An Exciting New Drink That Is “Beyond Cool”

Thanks to Steve and Amy, from Western Canada.  “We’ve been enjoying your nICE mugs and want to tell you what we’ve come up with.  We call it The Ice Pack.  After we take our nICE mugs out of the freezer for a couple minutes, we’ll pack nICE mugs with ice.  Then, we make up our favorite cocktail in a separate container, chilling with more ice.

We shake the cocktail and pour straight into our nICE mugs packed with ice.

a nICE mug ice glass with a vodka cocktail

After a drink, we’ll either top off with another drink, or put the nICE mug back in the freezer.  This makes the ice super hard and cold again.  The important thing is after bringing the ice glasses out of the freezer, we let nICE mugs sit at room temperature for a few minutes until the ice turns clear again.

Then we pack in more ice and add in the cocktail.

a nICE mug drinking glass made out of ice cocktail with ice in glass

Our nICE mugs last 2-3 days this way.  And the ice starts fusing with the nICE mug and turns into one really cool ice glass.  Everyone loves it.

Beyond cool.  It’s art.

an empty nICE mug ice pack drink glass made out of ice


  • My favorite Ice Pack Recipe:

    1. Set nICE mug from freezer on counter for a few minutes to “set up.”
    2. In separate container with lid:
    * 4-5 oz. Cranberry Pomegranate juice
    * 1-2 oz. vodka
    * 2 wedges squeezed lime and lemon
    * 1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger
    3. Pack nICE mug with fresh ice.
    4. Pour in 2 oz. or so chilled soda water (ice cubes crack, not the nICE mug)
    5. Pour in shaken cocktail mix.
    6. Drink & enjoy.
    7. Top off with more soda water and cocktail mix as you go.
    8. After enjoying cocktail, return nICE mug to freezer for another time.


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