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The Jewel of Russia in a glass made entirely out of ice between sauna rounds

Many folks enjoy their favorite beer in a nICE mug.  Others have found great results mixing their favorite cocktails – with ice – into their nICE mugs.

Folks at a recent gathering of the traditional Friday Happy Hour Sauna in South Minneapolis were treated to The Jewel of Russia, a fantastically smooth Russian vodka infused with cranberry.  The bright tanginess of the cocktail is balanced by the crisp smoothness of ice in the nICE mug PLUS the icy coolness of the ice glass on lips as we take a sip.

Wedge of lime?  yes.

Cut with soda water?  maybe.

Any potential enhancement to this wonderfully refreshing cocktail between sauna rounds is debatable.  What is for sure is that the Jewel of Russia vodka, infused with cranberry, is a winner.

Jewel of Russia and 38 minute old nICE mugs

And for those looking for a more conventional beverage between sauna rounds, having a nICE cold beer in a nICE mug is a great way to cool down!

Finlanders Risto and Jouko enjoying nICE mugs between sauna rounds.

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