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the nICE Mug Story:

Born in a Sauna


One cold Minnesota winter night, as I trudged out to my backyard sauna, I realized that one of the water containers we use to dump water over our heads was left outside, full of water from a sauna a couple days previous. It looked frozen solid. Sitting on the sauna bench, I dumped out the chunk of ice and noticed that the center was unfrozen. I poured out the liquid center and what remained was a perfectly formed drinking glass. Never to miss an opportunity for a cold beer in a hot sauna, my friend and I poured a beer into the ice and took turns sipping ice cold beer in my 180 degree sauna. We finished one beer, then started on another. The nICE mug melted down a bit, but it never leaked.

The beer tasted fantastic and
nICE mug was born.

enjoying beverages in glasses made out of ice between sauna rounds

After that night, I started leaving more water containers outside to freeze, but realized I couldn’t quite catch the perfect freeze point; either the nICE Mug was too thin, or it came out frozen solid like a hockey puck. So, a mold became the answer. Not just any mold, but a mold that perfectly replicates nature’s natural method of freezing a container of water – from the outside in.

We are excited to share nICE Mug with you.

Just fill the mold with water, freeze overnight, and pop out your authentic nICE Mug drinking glass. Thanks for bringing the icy spirit of a cold Minnesota winter chill to wherever you find a thirst for an ice cold one.