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We need more fun

One of the cool things about nICE mugs is being able to share a drinking glass made entirely out of ice with others.  It’s fun.  When someone shares a nICE mug with someone else, after the first sip, we often get a big, youthful smile.

Party time in Western WI, USA
Party time in Western WI, USA

Then, as we take another sip, maybe it’s a thought: “Wow, this is different.”

enjoying a glass made entirely out of ice
Pond Hockey Tournament.

Then, just like after a cold plunge into a hole cut into a frozen lake, there is a connection to nature, and then an appreciation of nature and our nICE cold beverage.

nICE mug is fun.  We need more fun.

Loppet Festival, Minneapolis, MN
Loppet Festival, Minneapolis, MN

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