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What’s Up With The Nice Mug Shape?

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Engineered drawing of nICE mug lid mold.

The Patent Pending nICE Mug mold has been tested and refined over the course of many years, and many cold Minnesota winter nights.

“Nature freezes in a unique way” says Glenn Auerbach, founder of nICE Mug.  The nICE Mug mold replicates exactly how water freezes in a jug of water:

  • Thicker at the bottom.
  • Curved on the inside.
  • Thinner towards the top.

This sounds simple, but replicating nature’s perfection is never easy. We had to figure out how to create a mold that contours the natural shape of the freeze, which makes for a stronger, longer-lasting nICE Mug. 

“I’m not a mechanical engineer, but I know grain silos and air tanks are cylindrical for a reason.   Pressure spread out evenly makes the container stronger.  I learned this from nature – how water freezes in a container when it is left outside on a winter night,” says Glenn.

“It’s really cool to experience how a nICE mug melts, as I sip my ice cold beer.  Everything sort of melts down evenly.”


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